Top 5 talks on Conversational AI from Industry Experts

Dive into the world of Conversational AI with insights from industry leaders. Explore our curated list of the top 5 talks that reveal cutting-edge strategies, trends, and the future of AI-powered chatbots. Don't miss these valuable insights from the experts!

Top 5 talks on Conversational AI from Industry Experts
June 28, 2022

With all the development in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is important to be aware of what exactly all the fuss is about surrounding these topics as it is becoming an essential part of growing technology. One such concept is Conversational AI. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems that consumers may converse with, such as chatbots or virtual agents. They utilise big data, machine learning, and natural language processing to mimic human interactions by detecting speech and text inputs and interpreting their meanings across various languages.

Top 5 talks on Conversational AI from Industry Experts

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is an ever-growing field, with the increased use of chatbots in almost every field there are multiple streams of possibilities that are both being explored or untapped. Here is a list of top industry experts’ discussions, conferences, and talks on Conversational AI and its uses in various fields.

A Conversation about Conversational AI | Tom Gruber

Thomas Robert Gruber (born 1959) is an American computer scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with a focus on systems for knowledge sharing and collective intelligence. In 2007 Gruber co-founded Siri Inc., which created the Siri intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. Siri Inc. was acquired by Apple in 2010, and Siri is now an integral part of iOS. (Source Wikipedia)

In this conversation between Siri designer Tom Gruber and NY Times writer John Markoff, we hear about the state of the art in Conversational Artificial Intelligence. They trace back the intellectual roots of Siri and look forward to what is possible as AI becomes ubiquitous in our lives. What could happen when machine-learned AI is everywhere -- and what could go wrong?

The Rise of Voice AI and Impact on Marketing | Bret Kinsella

Bret is the founder, CEO, and research director of He was named analyst and journalist of the year in 2019, 2020, and 2021 and is widely cited in media and academic research as an authority on voice assistants and AI. He is also the host of the Voicebot Podcast and editor of the Voice Insider newsletter. He is one of the most vocal advocates of voice AI. So much so that in 2016 he established, a leading source of research, analysis, and news for the voice AI industry. Kinsella has rightfully earned his stature as a voice AI guru, boasting a long list of accolades which include Commentator of the Year on Voice and AI (Alexa Conference 2019, Project Voice 2020), Voice AI Journalist of the Year (Project Voice 2020), and Top 15 in Voice.

In this video, Bret discusses the impact Voice AI has on Marketing and how it’s a rising field.

Benefits of Conversational AI for the Automotive Industry | Shyamala Prayaga

Shyamala presently leads the company-wide Ford's Autonomous Digital Assistant innovation for voice and chatbots as a product owner for the Autonomous Digital Assistant, managing the roadmap and overarching vision and working with cross-functional teams to bring that vision to life. She is a self-professed UX and voice technology champion who sees the societal and cultural benefits of speech technology advancement. Her technical, development and design roles have given her the perspective and expertise that comes with experience and leadership.

Shyamala Prayaga from Ford Motors at the Conversational AI & Experience Summit

In this video, Shyamala addresses the quick timeline of the Automotive industry and voice evolution in the car, the needs of Conversational AI, and its benefits. She also discusses the unique Use cases for the Automotive segment and returns on investment from Conversational AI.

Why conversational AI is taking over our world | Jason Mars | TEDxUofM

Jason Mars is an American computer scientist, author, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his research into computer architecture and artificial intelligence, particularly in the design and deployment of conversational AI.

Jason Mars, the cofounder of Clinc and professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan, has showcased his talents in the natural language processing field by becoming one of the leading entrepreneurs in conversational AI. His mission is to help solve complex, real-world issues through artificial intelligence that learns on the go. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. (source:

Bret Kinsella on what brands are doing to be successful in voice| VOICE Talks

This is an excerpt from the VOICE Talks episode on How Brands Are Using Voice | Presented by Google Assistant. Where various industry experts discuss the usage or incorporation of Voice AI into Brands, how to utilize it/ how it is being utilised.

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