Zapier Integration with Conferbot

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IMPORTANT! Checklist to be done before you create a Zapier Integration

  • • Create/Login to Zapier Account: Ensure you have a Zapier account. Login in a separate browser tab for ease of integration.
  • • Integration Prep: Having your Zapier account accessible will streamline the integration process with Conferbot.
  • • Further Information: For detailed integration steps, refer to the guide's end.
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  • Prepare Answer Variables: Add all the answer variables data (e.g., emails, names) you plan to send from Conferbot to Zapier integration
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    Test Your Flow: Generate several data points by running your bot using the share URL. Ensure that all answer variables are correctly capturing their corresponding values.

    Add the Zapier Node in your chat flow

    First, add a Zapier Node in your flow:

    Save and Publish: Once satisfied with the flow, save your chatbot by clicking the top-right button, then proceed to publish it. Completing a conversation with your Conferbot now can help Zapier easily recognize every field, as the conversation's answers will serve as examples.

    Go to your Zapier account and click on the Create Zap button.

    Search for Conferbot in the trigger app search box and select it.

    In the event trigger search, look for Conferbot Block Activated

    Now, you need to select your Conferbot account:


    If this is your first time setting up, you'll see no accounts available. Click on Connect a new account, and a new tab will open. Here, enter your Conferbot Token, which you can copy from the Zapier integration node in Conferbot.

    If you've already created other zaps with Conferbot, select your account from the list and click: Save + Continue.

    From your Zapier node, copy and paste the Bot ID and Node ID into the respective fields.

    Now that your trigger is configured, click on "Test trigger" to verify its functionality and ensure that the selected Conferbot account and Zapier Integration block are correctly set up. This test will utilize the data fields from your configured conversation flow as examples.

    With your trigger successfully configured to the Conferbot Zapier Integration block, the next step is to configure the action. Choose any app from the selection of over 1,000 on the right side of the screen. This setup allows you to automate numerous actions such as sending emails, receiving Slack notifications, adding contacts to a MailChimp list, closing deals in PipeDrive, updating Salesforce entries, and more. Once you've chosen the app to send data to, your setup is complete.

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