5 Interesting Chatbot UI Ideas to Consider in 2022

Explore these 5 innovative chatbot UI ideas for 2022 that can elevate user experience, boost engagement, and help your business stand out in the competitive digital landscape. Don't miss out on these cutting-edge design trends!

5 Interesting Chatbot UI Ideas to Consider in 2022
August 5, 2022

Chatbots are not just communication tools. They are much more than just problem solvers. Today, these revolutionary technologies are incorporated in various departments across all industries to enhance their business standards. It is not just about the functionality of these applications. Businesses these days are constantly working towards improving the overall UI of chatbots for various important reasons. An amazing UI enhances the conversational experience. It leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the users and persuades them to approach the chatbot again in the future. Hence beautifying the interface of a chatbot contributes to a wonderful conversational experience. Let us take a look at some of the interesting chatbot UI ideas to consider.

5 Interesting Chatbot UI Ideas To Consider In 2024

This blog explores some of the exciting chatbot UI ideas for 2024

  • Simple design with a comfortable color scheme
  • Animated chat replies
  • Customizable chats
  • A positive welcome page
  • Voice chatting feature

Simple design with a comfortable color scheme

A uniform color scheme can make the layout look pleasant and fresh. Bold colors can grab the user’s eyeballs and have them interested in the conversation instantly. Conversations with rounded chat bubbles make the overall layout look inviting and neat. Do not go overboard with the UI design. This can often confuse the users and leave them clueless. Subtle and interesting animations along with clean and clear fonts can improve the readability of the conversation. Chatbots by Chatlio are a great example.

Animated chat replies

What makes a chatbot conversation memorable? It is the inclusion of interesting features that allures the audience. In the above example, a special animation is incorporated into the UI to make the messages detach with an intriguing fluid effect. The incorporation of such animations can make a huge difference to the user experience and make them enjoy their time with the chatbot.

Customizable chats

Customizable chats are a great way to boost customer engagement. In the above example, the inclusion of a graffiti board adds an element of uniqueness to the conversation. Also, customers get an opportunity to customize the color of the text messages, letting them enjoy a colorful conversation. Explore such interesting possibilities with conferbot now.

A positive welcome page

This attractive welcome screen by Vlad Tyzum is creatively designed to grab the attention of the users and smoothly take them into the conversation. The positive visuals on the welcome screen provide an opportunity to establish an emotional connection with the audience even before the conversation begins. Therefore, the inclusion of such positive visuals on the welcome pages makes the users feel invited and positive.

Voice chatting feature

This interesting UI feature design by Daniel Boros for SwitchBoard Connect enables users to record a voice message using the long-press option, instead of forcing them to type out their message. Moreover, the icons on the top of the page allow the users to easily move to the other pages of the application. The voice chatting feature can let the users freely express their needs and demands without having to manually type it out to the chatbot.

Conferbot - The All-in-one chatbot

Conferbot is a simple, no-code chatbot builder that provides a wide range of possibilities in terms of features and UI design. You can customize your UI using the amazing drop and drop feature. With a perfect blend of intelligence and playfulness, this chatbot can skillfully suffice the needs of your customer without question. The wittiness in words creates a friendly conversational experience and the tendency to help the customers 24/7, making this human-like chatbot an essential addition to any business.
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