Chatbot Ideas You Can Use In 2022

Explore innovative chatbot ideas for 2022 that can transform your business, improve customer experience, and boost conversions. Stay ahead of the competition with these cutting-edge chatbot applications.

Chatbot Ideas You Can Use In 2022
May 13, 2022

We know how helpful chatbots are when it comes to customer service and customer handling but where else can these chatbots be put to use? Chatbots are not just restricted to customer helplines and FAQs there are many other scenarios where these chatbots can improve the quality of service and enhance user experience through different methods. Let’s discuss a few such ideas that you can implement in your business in this blog.

Chatbot Ideas You Can Use In 2022

We are well aware of customer service chatbots which are now available in almost every leading web service application and e-commerce store. These chatbots ensure customers get round-the-clock help regardless of what day it is and make sure that your customers stay with you rather than going for an alternate service provider or even your competitors, it immensely helps with customer retention and increases your user experience with speedy response and solutions.

Service Desk Chatbots

These are chatbots that are used within a company for their internal affairs and as IT helpdesks. These chatbots assist employees in various fields like technical errors or difficulties they may face that can be often easily rectified can be handled by these chatbots or maybe even general queries regarding their field of expertise can be answered by these bots.

Thereby saving you the manpower and time that would be wasted by other employees to rectify or solve these problems. These chatbots would be a great investment for your business, especially if you have a large number of employees to handle.

Travel & Hospitality

Chatbots can also be travel companions. If you are in the travel and hospitality business field then having a chatbot that can guide tourists/your clients is as good as having their tour guide in their pockets. These bots can handle your bookings, help maintain and track your travel itinerary and even answer travel-related FAQs or even queries based on the user’s location. These chatbots will be powered by conversational AI.


We know how much of an impact Artificial Intelligence has made in the healthcare field by helping with various studies, diagnoses, and even whilst performing certain surgeries we make use of robotics and AI. Well, chatbots integrated with Conversational AI can create such an impact in the health and wellness industry especially in mental health development, there are a few mental health chatbots that provide patients with regular check-ins, by incorporating conversational AI into this we can create chatbots that provide companionship to patients and make them feel heard and not left out.

This particular type of chatbot is still growing and there’s still room for growth. Other than mental health services, chatbots can also be used in analysing a patient’s vitals and conducting a primary diagnosis, booking an appointment with the corresponding doctor based on symptoms analysed.


Chatbots as teachers! Too far too fast perhaps? Chatbots may not be equivalent to a human teacher nor will they be the same at least not in the near future but they can be teaching assists. Chatbots can easily answer student queries and provide basic assistance 24/7 with the pandemic and all levels of studies being online, chatbots can change the face of e-learning. These chatbots can be of help to students and teachers as well, they can help teachers analyse students’ progress, monitor students, or provide tasks to them via chatbots and many more possibilities.


Investments, insurance, banking sectors of the financial industry can utilise chatbots to enhance customer experience, speed up the repetitive process like refunds, general queries. You can use chatbots to provide financial advice and assistance to your clients/users. These chatbots could easily answer all general banking queries like balance, expenditure reports, loan queries, policies available customized policies, and many more, which otherwise a human customer service agent would have to answer. Find out more about a few chatbots in financial industry.

HR & Internal Assistant

Many companies have already incorporated chatbots into their firm to handle internal affairs. Chatbots can be helpful especially in the Human Resource department with employee recruiting and on-boarding processes, chatbots will speed up and automate these processes. Chatbots can also work as an assistant that can quickly retrieve and upload data from and to the systems for you, again, saving you time and effort.

Social Media

With almost everyone using social media it is high time you introduce a social media bot for your company. Social media bots function only on social media messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. These chatbots can increase customer engagement rates and be used as a promotional tool or provide other purchase or billing-related info to your customers.

Shopping Assistant

A chatbot as a shopping buddy? It would be a very handy buddy, it could provide you with product recommendations, help you find the desired product faster, handle payments and billing as well. Nowadays people are more open to payment via chatbots if they know that their transactions are secure hence integrating payment facilities into your shopping/e-commerce chatbot would also be a wise move, as it would save the users time and make it more convenient since everything is in one place, less navigation more efficient.

There are n number of scenarios where you can incorporate a chatbot and are not limited to these ideas alone, from grocery shopping to buying stocks chatbots can be of use everywhere there are chatbots that give you legal advice, conduct surveys, help with lead generation, promote brands and many more services.

While most chatbots and apps currently have rudimentary problem-solving skills, over time they can improve cost efficiency on repetitive customer support interactions as they can replicate human conversational experiences, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more involved ad important customer interactions.

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